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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home Seller Tip: Take It Down Now...Not Later After They See It!

Occasionally I find a home seller who has a very special chandelier, light fixture or something in their house which they intend to take with them.  In these cases I have always leaned on the side of  "if it is not staying with the house, take it down and replace it now."  

Why  have some buyer prospect fall in love with the house and want to include your coveted chandelier?

While looking through the Brevard MLS this morning I found several listings that included various items that are not included in the sale.  Some of these, listed exactly as in the MLS, include:
  • Fans do not stay 
  • Refrigerator does not convey 
  • Shed does not convey 
  • Does not convey: ceiling fans, washer, dryer, range, fridge.
Sellers should make sure their property disclosure and advertisements list only the items that are being sold with the house.  Sellers should review the MLS entry when it is published by their real estate agent to make sure the appliances and property listed reflects what is included.

Buyers should review the seller's property disclosure to see what is included.  Buyers should not make any assumption about the shed in the backyard or even the appliances, especially when many short sale owners take the appliances.

The revised Florida Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase does provide for items included or excluded to be appropriately identified.

The best solution as as seller - If you will not be selling it why show it?

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