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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Even a $600,000 Short Sale Needs to be Clean!

I previewed a short sale in Wyndham at Duran in Viera this morning.  There are a couple of short sales in this gated community bordering Duran Golf Club in Viera.

I was disappointed when I viewed one home as it was dirty - dirt, dust, etc under where the refrigerator once stood.  The microwave and oven were in dire need of cleaning. 

There were other issues but the lack of preparation in this price range was disappointing.

This property's condition made my first comment to the buyer prospect sound a bit like, "Its a short sale. Its overpriced for its presentation."

My feedback to the seller's agent will be simple.  Hire someone to clean this vacant house! A vacant property should remain clean for a long time!

I tell it to the $100,000 seller and it applies to the executive million dollar neighborhoods - the first step in preparing ANY home for the market is cleaning it!

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