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Monday, January 10, 2011

Home Buyer Tips: The property inspection is just the beginning....

I was reading an article this afternoon by a home inspector who discussed some of the emails he had gotten – a year or three after he had conducted a buyer’s home inspection.   It seems that after a few years the roof had developed an issue.  Another buyer told him the AC had started to “act up.”

And they all say the same thing -“he should have known!”

The reality is when you have your home inspected the home inspection company can give you an assessment as of the inspection date.

Most inspectors I know also recommend annual service calls and inspections for major systems.  They may even recommend an inspection prior to closing if there appears to be a potential problem.

People move into houses and sometimes cause problems.  Sometimes folks just forgo the annual service calls for major systems.  Sometimes folks don’t worry about having the roof checked.  Then something goes wrong.  And after only a year or three!

As a house ages problems arise.  That is the reality.

Should I hammer my doc because two years ago at my annual physical he said I was fit as a fiddle and now my blood pressure is high?

People and other objects change – even deteriorate and wear out. Your inspection is not a warranty

Speaking of warranties… as a buyer always ask the seller (or your real estate agent) to provide one at closing!

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