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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Home Seller Tip: Consider Your Motivation When Selling Your Brevard County Florida Home

I had a real estate agent tell me today their client was motivated but did not need to sell.  That confused me a bit as did several other listings I tried to schedule for showings.
  1. SELLER MOTIVATED.  Yet the house has been on the market over 500 days! 
  2. SELLER MOTIVATED.  Yet no showings on Saturday or Sunday. 
  3. SELLER MOTIVATED.  Yet no showings before noon. 
  4. SELLER MOTIVATED.  24 hours notice required and listing agent must be present.
SELLER MOTIVATED.  Really? You tell me.
  1. BUYER MOTIVATED.  Tomorrow we consider new construction in Viera and re-look at the $400,000+ home we did see today in Viera.
If you are considering selling, consider your motivation. 

While attempting to see homes for sale in Suntree and Viera today these were some of the hurdles I encountered while trying to schedule homes for my clients to see.  Your homes were not the only ones on the market as there are plenty of homes for sale in Viera.

Buyers are less plentiful.  Consider your real motivation when selling in a buyers market.

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