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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Home Seller Tips: Do You Remember the 70’s?

Just last week I took a trip back in time.  It was if I were 30 pounds lighter dressed in my favorite leisure suit while looking into the kitchen of "that house."

You probably have seen them as well if you have been looking to buy a new house or visiting grandma!  You know....that awful wall paper with gold or green pattern and those avocado green appliances or even worse harvest gold!

Some home owners do not realize that even though it is well cared for, at some point, furnishings, appliances and carpeting  need to be replaced.

Let me re-state this more appropriately… 

Home sellers must realize that even though the appliances, carpeting, cabinets, paint, and fixtures, may still function, they must be updated to improve the chances of getting the most money for your house!

They may still function for the seller but will not work a new buyer. 

I do remember the 1970s...Palatka South High School!

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