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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Homes for Pennies on the Dollar...Maybe 85 Pennies on the Dollar!

Who would not want to purchase homes in Viera, Florida or any place else for pennies on the dollar? What about Cocoa Beach, Florida homes for pennies on the dollar?  Wouldn’t that be great?

I saw a couple of Twitter links tweeted to the public today about homes for pennies on the dollar.

That is the lure - great return, minimal investment.  We all want it!

There are indeed real estate bargains out there.

Since December 1, 2010 there have been 12 single family properties sold for under $20,000 in Brevard County, Florida.

OK, a bit of a disclaimer on was just a foundation slab and .15 acres of land with a septic tank!

There are some very attractive deals in the Brevard County Florida real estate market right now but just remember you get what you pay for which means...
if the price is really low, the investment required to get it in shape may be more than the cost of the house! 
  1. Sometimes the value is in the land.
  2. Sometimes the value is in the potential the structure or land holds.
  3. Sometimes the value is in knowing when to move on.
There are homes being purchased for pennies on the dollar..perhaps 85 or 90 cents on the dollar - likely short sales or foreclosures.

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