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Monday, January 03, 2011

Real Estate 101: Motivation Matters Most - whether buyer or seller!

Much has been written about the real estate market lately touting "it is such a great time to buy a house in Brevard County Florida." 

The truth is the prices are very attractive and buyers are buying homes in Brevard County, Florida!  With a median selling price of $105,000 in December 2010, there are properties available for most budgets.

A major part of the buying and selling process is determining an offer price or, for sellers, a listing price.  The easiest method is to obtain the most recent nearby sales that closely match the subject property.

There are a few other considerations like type of sale (short sale, standard sale, foreclosure).  The goal is to compare apples to apples. The comparable properties should provide a reasonable range of listing and offering values.

Now a word of advice... 

   No matter how accurate your comps, in the end it comes down to motivation - buyer and seller.

If the motivation is not present, there will be no deal!  If you are motivated to sell your Viera house or condo, call me at 321-693-3850 or email me.

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