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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Second Home Buyers: Make Brevard County, Florida Your Winter Home

While reading this morning's Florida Today newspaper I came across a letter to the editor written by a Canadian retiree wintering in Titusville, Florida.

The letter writer, Mr. Bob Park, encourages local governments and businesses to advertise the merits of living in Brevard County, Florida to the northeast United States and his native Canada.

So, in response to Mr. Park's letter, here is my invitation to all in the northeast and north of the border to take a look at the merits of moving to Brevard County, Florida.

Among the merits Mr. Park pointed out were such things as...

  • Brevard County's 6% sales tax versus the 12% in Canada
  • gas prices at $3 a gallon vs $5.50 in the north 
  • beer at $15 a case vs. $37 in Canada [my favorite beer, Molson Canadian, is about $6 a six-pack]
  • golf - cheaper and more plentiful!

While the homes in Brevard County are "inexpensive," Mr. Park does recommend financial incentives be offered to second home owners who pay full taxes but do not get the benefit of homestead exemption full time residents receive.

Finally, he summed it all up by saying the thing about Brevard County he appreciates the most - its sincere, friendly residents.

Don't take it from me...rather take it from one of our Canadian friends who winters in Brevard!

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