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Monday, January 24, 2011

Selling Your Viera Florida - After Eight Months, Give Up!

Rarely would I ever tell a home seller in Viera, Florida (or any other place) to pull their house off the market but here is a case where those words are probably needed.

First of all, this is not my listing.   I am only looking at listings in Viera for possible showings next week to an out of state buyer.

A couple of observations about this listing....
  • This particular house has been on the market for 245 days with a single insignificant price reduction two months ago.
  • This particular house is “easy to show but requires three hour notice.” 
  • This particular house is “easy to show but has an alarm that is on, two dogs and the listing agent must accompany all showings.
  • This particular house has had one price reduction two months ago but is still priced $70,000 higher than the other four active listings in the neighborhood.
  • This particular house is not really any different than the others as people view square foot under air and bedroom/bathroom count as major comparison tools.
If a house is so much better than any other house in the neighborhood the listing agent must be able to communicate it in such a way as to take away all doubt imposed by the price!

Otherwise, after eight months, give up for now!

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