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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Home Buyer Tip: Choose Your Real Estate Agent Not The Seller's Real Estate Agent!

This morning I received a call inquiring about one of our office listings. I told the caller what I knew about the property based on the listing information although I am not the listing agent.

The caller wanted to see the property so I, as always, asked if they had a real estate agent.  The response was  "No, but I do all the research and when I find something  I want to see I call the agent in the listing."

This is the wrong approach for a home buyer.

Since the seller pays for the buyer's real estate, why not get your own real estate agent?   Let your real estate agent do the research based on your requirements.  Have your real estate agent set up your showings.  Have your real estate agent work with you throughout the entire process.

Besides, in Florida the listing real estate agent represents the seller since there is no "dual agency" in Florida.  The listing agent represents the seller, first and foremost.

In this case I referred the caller to the agent in the office (already had their cell number).   I also explained that I do not work with folks who just see a house and call whoever is on the listing.

Maybe I missed a sale but......

I am committed to my clients and request they be as committed to me.

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