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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home Seller Tip: Sometimes You Can't Give Away That Ugly Gift From Mom!

This post is intended to be sarcastic, tongue in cheek, less than completely serious.

I recently encountered a situation in a real estate transaction where the window treatments were to remain with the property at closing.
Window treatments are rarely, if ever, so wonderful they become an issue.
Except..... when mom bought them for the seller!

In this case it is actually one set of drapes.  It seems the seller wants (?) to take them when he moves.
After a bit of discussion I realize these drapes have a  "special sentimental value"  to the seller mom.  Although they will likely not fit the windows in another home I can understand - 
Mom is Mom!
Lesson for home sellers -  
Sometimes you can't get away from an ugly gift from mom!

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