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Saturday, February 12, 2011

When Internet Marketing Just Does Not Finish The Job….

The Internet is a wonderful tool for marketing your house.  More importantly it is a fantastic tool for buyers looking for a home to purchase.

I think the last statistic I read stated about 90% of buyers begin their home search on the Internet with 36% finding the home they eventually purchased on the Internet.  [Interestingly only 4% of buyers found their new home through newspaper advertising.]

For the above reasons I market your home very heavily on the Internet through multiple web sites including,,,,,  (and the list goes on). 

Some sites (like showcase listings) allow me to identify how many people view your listing by day, week and month.

And then I can tell you – although you already know it, how many people see your house in person. Other sites like Zillow track the number of views a listing gets - so you will know! 

If the number of eyes viewing your home online are widely different, could it be your price is just not competitive?  There will always be more people viewing your listings online but when you are not getting very many showing - look at some other things!

Marketing on the Internet is just part of the job - appropriate pricing, home staging, curb appeal is a must!

When you are ready to sell your Brevard County, Florida house or condo, call me directly at 321-693-3850 or email me.

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