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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can You Be Too Focused When Buying a House?

Being focused is a good thing.

Being too focused can be a bad thing as well.

I remember once while driving for the first time in the mountains of North Carolina I was a bit nervous.  After all it was quite different than the flat sandy roads I had grown up on in Florida.

I was focused on every curve.  Fortunately, we ended up where we had intended although my attention was completely focused on staying on the roadway and not the progress or route.

When buying a house it is a great thing to find the property that fits your goal - price, size, age, condition, etc.

But what about the neighborhood?  The schools?  [Another great place to check schools] The crime rate? Any sexual predators in the neighborhood (especially if you have kids)?  Any vacant land nearby and its potential use? Financial status of the condo or homeowner association?

This is not an all inclusive list - make up your own based on what is important to you!

Remember when buying a house or condo you need to check out things outside of the walls and the property line!

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