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Friday, March 25, 2011

Has Anyone Seen My Disappearing Buyers?

First of all, I have not had any real buyers go missing in the past few weeks.  But there have been a couple through the years.

I remember Mr. and Mrs. Can’t Decide What I Want To Buy.  I showed them houses for several months and then you went to a For Sale By Owner on your own even though I could have represented you. Did you really save any money?

I remember the Navy Petty Officer who was relocating to Melbourne, Florida.  Being retired Navy myself I went way out of my way to accommodate him.  He went to a For Sale By Owner as well.

These two cases were about five years ago.  Experience will teach if one is willing to learn!

Recently I lost a prospect who called and apparently got offended because I asked too many questions. 

What kind of questions?  As a buyer you should expect to be asked questions.  Here is an example of what a buyer should expect. 

As a seller, expect to be asked questions as well. 

Why do I ask questions?....Because I have to...

When you are ready to work with a real estate agent in Brevard County, Florida expect questions because most of us work on a commission basis only.
Making sure a prospective client is ready (or almost ready), willing and able to buy is just smart business!

Besides, sellers want to know that the people touring their homes are real buyers!

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