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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home Seller Tip: Do You Really Want Feedback

I read an article this morning that espoused the opinion that feedback regarding a home for sale is an outdated practice.     Although the frequency of usable feedback these days could lend a bit of credence to the position I am still not ready to accept the demise of feedback.

When I show homes for sale in Rockledge, Viera and the surrounding Brevard County areas I provide feedback when asked as a professional courtesy.  If the listing agent is interested (professional) enough to ask then I want them to know why the listing was not “the one.” 

Of course, there are multiple reasons a listing does not make the cut.  It could be something as benign as the real estate agent not having a clear enough picture of client “wants” or the clients not having a clear enough picture of their own wants, or the condition of the property or any of another thousand reasons!

As for my listings I always ask for and sometimes receive it.   When I do receive it, I pass it along.

The two truths I believe about feedback:
  1. Feedback is not a major marketing force unless there is no traffic (an indicator of price issues)
  2. Most important of all… “An offer. The Ultimate Feedback.”

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