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Monday, March 28, 2011

Home Seller Tip: Price Reductions – Either Meaningful or Meaningless?

Reviewing the Brevard MLS system this morning for new listings and price changes I  noticed the usual – more price reductions than new listings (about two to one).

There is nothing wrong with price changes.  Diminished listing activity or even heightened seller motivation can lead to price reductions.

Regardless of reason, when I notice price changes I look for significant (real) change.

Many times you will see where the price was reduced $100 just so it would show up in the system as a reduction or the agent can add "Reduced" to the MLS narrative!

Buyers (and buyer agents) understand what these tiny changes mean - seller not really motivated but needs to grab anyone's attention.

As a seller, when you decide the time is right to change your price, make it meaningful, not meaningless!

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