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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Property Inspection Reports – Don't Let Them Scare You!

It is critical that buyers obtain a home inspection when considering the purchase of any home.   I even recommend them when buyers are purchasing new construction as well!

Through the years I have observed a lot of home inspectors.  As one who is not "a handyman," I have learned a lot through this process. 

They all give written reports.  And they usually just provide the facts although some have been known to be alarmists (in my opinion).  Then again, I understand that in this litigious world we live in it is better to document. 

Many of these are long detailed reports with an accompanying summary. 

Some of these reports are pretty large and can easily scare buyers.  As a real estate agent working with buyers and sellers I always preface a "good report" with the comment , "Don't let this scare you!"

These tools are used to confirm things are in good condition, need attention, a contact concession or even a cancellation.

Regardless of outcome, use the report for what it is!  An assessment of a property's current condition.

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