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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home Buyer Tip: The Absolute First Step When Buying a House.

Here is a one question quiz on getting ready to buy that new home in Florida....
The first step in buying a house is to:
(1) Find your real estate agent.
(2) Decide where you want to purchase a home.
(3) Get a mortgage lined up.
(4) Any of the above as all must be done eventually.

The correct answer is (3) but should you choose (1) your real estate agent will likely point you toward (3).

Real estate transactions are serious business although the selling side may involve a bit more stress in this market.  Home buyers in Brevard County, Florida seem to have the upper hand.

If you are ready to find that new home be proactive and address the mortgage issue early so you can enjoy the hunt!   You need to know up front how much you can really afford so when the time comes you must remember,"Talk is cheap, put it in writing...."

And if you have never purchased a home or condo before, it really is not that easy.  Check out "Buying a house in six easy steps...."

When you do call that real estate agent, expect to be asked questions.  Those questions are not meant to be intrusive but rather to help identify your needs and better meet them! 

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If you would like a list of mortgage lenders in the Brevard County, Florida area, please ask and I will gladly provide a few contacts.

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