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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Buying 101: Your choices are limited!

This was inspired by a recent caller who told me "money was no object" when I asked about his price range.  The reality is even "The Donald" has a price!

I have had several calls from folks wanting to relocate to Brevard County, Florida. Of course they already have a price range in mind and then they tell me the location to go with the price range.

The reality is when buying a home in Brevard County, Florida  your choices are very much limited by "the price" range or "the location."

For example “want to buy a nice ocean front condo for $40-$60,000” was a real call a few months ago.  The reality is it it is not possible.

Just as“a house in Viera for $50-$75,000, preferably $50,000is not possible.

Or the “3-5 acres with a house for less than $125,000 in a good location" is not possible.

In these situations it all comes down to which is more important, location or price range?

Which is more important?  Many times it is the budget that is less flexible. 

Very often, while a property like a buyer wants is available, it is likely at the extremes of Brevard County [Mims/Titusville (north), Palm Bay (south)] where these properties may be found.

My recommendation:  Get a budget and then let's talk about what is available in your price range.  I can show you how much you can buy in Palm Bay vs. Viera/Suntree vs. "beach side" vs. Titusville.   Believe me, there is a big difference in what $100,000 will buy in these areas!

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