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Sunday, May 22, 2011

In 9 days it will be…..Hurricane Season!

Looking at Buzz Lightyear Toy Story calendar on my wall I noticed the end of May coming quickly and with it the arrival of hurricane season.

Hurricanes and storms are just one of the minor irritations about living in Florida.  I like to remind tell folks buying a home in Florida "You can run from a hurricane but not the snow, ice and cold!"

Running from June 1 through November 30, those of us in Florida need to take the time now get ready.

I saw earlier this week the expert projections for storm count had been released.  I am not sure how they do it or how accurate the predictions but I do know, prepare now before anything rears its ugly head!

There are plenty of web sites that will provide advice on what to do.  Here in Brevard County, Florida, take a look at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) web site for suggestions.  If you are into social media, follow the Brevard EOC on Twitter.

There are common sense things to do when preparing like:
  1. Stock up on non-perishable foods and bottled water,
  2. Keep vehicle topped off with gas,
  3. Have tarps available to cover roof just in case,
  4. Have shutters (or plywood available),
  5. Remember your pet’s needs.
There are many other things that can be done like remember to check on your neighbors, especially those with disabilities, illness, elderly, and the like.

Be ready as it is no fun to wait and get caught up in pre-storm hysteriawhich always happens!

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