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Monday, May 16, 2011

Not every caller is a prospect–at this time!

Occasionally I get calls from folks who tell me their credit is not the best. If you are looking to buy or rent real estate you may as well admit it up front as it will eventually be revealed by a credit check.

Many times the reality is the credit is far far from the best.  The recommendation at that the time is possibly one directed toward credit repair.

I have talked with some who were going through or considering bankruptcy.  Of course, since I am not an attorney, I steer well clear of offering legal advice and wish them good luck.

If they are post-bankruptcy there are resources available for repairing their credit  [Credit Repair Kit] so they can one day get a mortgage.  There are plenty of resources available to help one recover from financial ruin.

The reality is sometimes people lose jobs, encounter hardships that create burdens and result in bad credit.   But it does not have to stop one from ever owning their own home.

And although a caller may not have the perfect credit right now, they can recover and....

I want to be ready to assist them when they are ready to buy that home in Brevard County, Florida!

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