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Friday, May 06, 2011

A Real Estate Transaction is Just Another Group Project....

My original title was “It takes two to tango…Your real estate agent is a dork!”   By the way, is “dork” a pejorative  Then I tried  "It take two to tango…and a real estate transaction is just a dance!"
Then it dawned on me - a real estate transaction is really just a group project...(notice I did not say group therapy!)

I remember while I was working on my MPA degree at Troy State University and we had this group research project.  One grade, five participants.  Multiple participants, one goal.

Amazing how a real estate transaction is the same!  Multiple participants - buyer, seller, buyer agent, seller agent, lender, appraiser, inspector and closing agent.  One goal - close the deal.

What the buyer or seller may never know is how sometimes it is only one of the real estate agents who does all the work like making sure the contract was completed appropriately, making sure all the appropriate disclosures and documents have been provided and reviewed, making sure all the correct addenda have been completed, making sure .....well you get the picture I am sure.

So, while I take the lead to make sure my client’s transaction closes I wanted to let you know you still benefit.

We will get this transaction closed.  You will be able to move into your new home as scheduled.

Because a real estate transaction is a group project and I still want an A+ grade!

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