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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Trying to put a positive spin on it... Real Estate Advertising

Let's admit it....not every house or condo is perfect.  Sometimes the MLS narrative gets filled with "fluffy stuff" that seems more filler than informative.  I equate the old "just bring your toothbrush" to that genre of advertisment jargon.

While it is possible to find something positive about most properties sometimes there are subtle attemps to to put a positive spin ona not-so-positive characteristic like...

  • Near major transportation routes, commuters dream! Really means: lots of highway noise, all night!
  • Walking to distance to shopping! Really means:  Next door is the shopping center with the Chinese restaurant that always smells like burnt grease!
  • A creative person's dream!  Really means: starting from scratch because there ain't much else besides four walls and a roof!
  • A blank slate! Really means : See "A creative person's dream!"
  • Great for first time buyer! Really manes:  Mistakes can be a great teacher!
  • Sweat equity is a great thing!  Really means:  If you work very very hard and have money to sink into it you may make it livable one day! [See movie Money Pit]
  • Fourth Bedroom doesn't have a closet.  Really means:  Its a three bedroom but if your mother in law insists, she has a room!
  • Price reduced again!  Really means: Seller moving toward reality!
  • Handyman Special  or Waiting for your decorating touch" Really means that the place has been trashed. 
  • Cozy:  Really means small - period!
  • Classic Charmer - Really sounds like a description of someone's Uncle Ed.  If you have an Uncle Ed then you know what it means!
Although this is presented in a lighthearted approach, I am serious when it comes to selling your Viera, Florida house or condo.

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