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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why have a home inspection done? It is a new house.

I am not an engineer. I am not general contractor. I am not even an air conditioning/heating expert. I am a real estate agent.

I will help you find that home that meets your needs. I will represent you and negotiate the best price possible.
But I will not tell you the house is free of existing or potential problems. 

What I will tell you is to get a professional home inspection done right away.  In fact, every purchase contract I am involved with has an inspection contingency clause - an escape clause! 

Why would you not have an inspection?  Inspections are not really expensive.  In my area, although based on square footage, they usually run only about $300-$400.

That is a small investment to check out the condition of a really really large investment!

Buying a house is like being told to go to the market and pick out the best melon.  You may look at it very closely. You may admire its appearance. Heck, it may even smell good.  But you really don't know how good it is until you have cut into it.

Now, looking for houses. You look at it closely. You admire its appearance and curb appeal. You enter that front door and it smells clean, maybe even like freshly baked bread or some other aroma.  You thump on a few of the walls. But, you really don't know how solid that house is until you move in. and experience it!

No, you can know its condition now by having an inspection conducted by a qualified inspector!

How do you know if your potential home needs an inspection? I tell my clients the same thing - every home, even new construction should be inspected!  By the way, I have never had a client not have an inspection conducted!

I am not going to tell you that an inspection will identify things that may happen down the road.  A good inspector can tell you the present condition of the house. Some inspectors even use infrared technology to "see behind the walls."

An inspector will point out potential problems.

The bottom line:  A professional inspection will open your eyes to what you are getting into before you sign on the dotted line - even on the "AS IS" short sale!

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