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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Deal Closing Tomorrow is Better Than Maybe a Deal Closing in a Month or Two or Three…

Getting to the closing table these days requires give and take on the part of the seller and buyer.  There has been much written on the secrets to successful negotiation.  In real estate I think it is pretty simple when it comes to negotiation. 

I had a transaction recently where the seller chose to throw in the 500 pound gun safe at the last minute. (It probably weighed a lot more!).  In this case the contract was already signed, the inspections done, and all that was left was the closing.

But then the buyer asked for one last thing.  **We had a contract and the seller did not have to do anything else.

So why did the seller comply with the request? 

The sellers did it because they understood that a deal closing tomorrow at full price is better than an unknown deal closing in a month or two! 

When you receive that offer on your home, consider it wisely.

And, if they ask for the safe, consider it wisely!

**There are legal issues involved with contract performance. I am not an attorney. If you are placed in similar situation consult an attorney.

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