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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Ethics (?) of “Buying” a Real Estate Listing

I am not here sitting in judgment of anyoneonly making a personal observation.  I do not claim to know the motives of others. 

Every day I see listings that are, in my opinion, much too high for the current market.   You can spot them yourself with very little effort.

Anyway, when I see a listing that is really really (double really!) too high for the area, it makes me wonder a bit.
  1. Does the seller really believe that someone will pay so much over the established neighborhood prices?  Are they wishful thinkers or looking for what I call a “bigger sucker?” 
  2. Did the listing agent tell them what they wanted to hear in order to get the listing?  This is commonly called “buying the listing.” 
  3. Did the listing agent decide to take the listing at their price in order to get leads from the calls that come from the sign out front?  
If any real estate agent takes a listing knowing it will not sell at a reasonable negotiated price in a reasonable period of time that meets the seller's needs then they may be misleading the sellers.
    And to mislead is not ethical – ever!

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