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Friday, June 10, 2011

Homeowner Associations – You can’t Choose Your Family But You Can Choose Your HOA!

Say "homeowner association" (HOA) and the first thing many think of is  - rules!chartreuse

And many see these rules as a positive.  Most associations have architectural restrictions that may keep your neighbor from painting their house a bright yellow chartreuse, for instance. 

Association rules (as well as city ordinances) can restrict the use of a home.   Some associations restrict the type of vehicle you may have on your driveway overnight (like no pick up trucks out of the garage or vehicles having a magnetic sign on the door).  Some limit the rental use of your property – like never, or establish minimum lease periods.  Some may require tenant screening and approval as well.

And lets not forget the yard – mow the grass, pull the weeds, etc.!

Associations are made up of people.  And people do not always get along.  And sometimes disputes arise. 

Having lived in developments with and without associations I tend to believe they are a good thing.  It is up to each buyer to decide for themselves.

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In Florida, before you purchase any place…if there is an association – read the rules.   Ask to speak to members of the Board of Directors, the association manager, attend an HOA meeting if it is allowed.

In Viera, Suntree and many of the newer areas in Brevard County, you will find homeowner associations are not an option!

The reality is....

As long as you own a home in a development with an association, you are going to be hindered, oppressed, stressed, harassed or protected  by belonging to a homeowner association. 

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