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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It’s a short sale…so?

Short sale transactions are no different than a standard real estate sale except for the requirement for lender approval of the transaction which can add two to six months to the closing process!

I have a closing this week.  It is a short sale.  I work for the buyers who are located in another state.

Since they are not here at the moment I did a walk through of the home yesterday.  A few minor housekeeping issues but nothing out of the ordinary that I could see.  I did take pictures to document the current condition and forwarded those to the buyers.

Still I heard a comment from someone yesterday that "after all it is a short sale."   Being the diplomat I can be (did not say "always am") I remarked  homes need to be  "clean" when vacated.

What I really wanted to say was...“So?”

And here I say it to all sellers...
So, when selling your home there should be no difference in the condition you leave it in regardless of sale type - standard sale or short sale.
I am not proposing a sanitized, sterile condition rather no trash, no food, no filth clean.  Be courteous and considerate.

Besides, it is the best housewarming gift a seller could leave - even with a short sale.

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