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Monday, June 27, 2011

Selling in a Gated Community: Could Your Security Guard Cost You a Sale?

Gated communities are very popular in Viera, Florida as well as in many areas of Brevard County, Florida.  There are lots of reasons people want to live in gated communities.  For one thing it does keep the general public out and provides some additional privacy.

Although being in a gated community implies secure remember it is not a guarantee

Gated communities in Brevard County can be divided into two types:  (1) gated with automated gates and (2) staffed by a human.

Some of the local neighborhoods have some real personable folks on the gates like out at the 55+ community of Heritage Isle in Viera.

And then some communities have those who are indifferent, never smile and interrogate as if a real estate agent showing clients the neighborhood, is really an intruder!

There is especially one neighborhood where I let my clients know up front that getting in is harder than access to Fort Knox!   I have had clients remark to me the guard's attitude was uncalled for!

As a real estate agent I ignore the rudeness. 

But if you are selling in this competitive buyer's market, think about it.   Does your security guard portray your neighborhood in a positive manner?

I wonder if prospective buyers feel the attitude reflects the general friendliness of the neighborhood.

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