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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sometimes you forget something and it costs…

Buying and selling real estate involves lots of details.   If you are not a detail oriented person, hopefully your real estate agent is one!

I am not going to list all the processes involved in a real estate transaction but suffice it to say there are many!

What brings this to mind this morning?

There is this house in my neighborhood.  I don’t know the owner as he just recently purchased this house.  He had mentioned he was going to get the landscaping in shape for the summer.  Sure there are some weeds but there is a good base of St. Augustine grass.

Then I see where he brings in a huge tiller (big tractor!) to rip up most of the grass.  I see sprinkler heads and PVC piping in the yard as well.  I wonder if this is one of those details he forgot?  Not sure but he did have an irrigation company over the next day! is all about the details!

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