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Friday, June 17, 2011

Three Things Home Buyers Must Understand About Today’s Real Estate Market

Home buyers must understand a few things before they hop in the car looking for homes – at least in the Brevard County, Florida real estate market.
  1. All great deals are not steals. Sellers are competing with distressed properties as well as their neighbors who are also selling in this market.  The  prices are, for the most part, competitive.  You will find many great deals although they will not be "steals!"
  2. Short sale does not mean fire sale.  In a short sale the seller is trying to sell for less than the mortgage owed.  This type of sale takes time to get the lender approval of any offer. Lenders are wanting reasonable, even if discounted, offers.
  3. Banks don't give homes away!  The foreclosures on the market are priced competitively. But, just as with short sales, the banks are not looking to give away foreclosed properties.
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