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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Unless it’s a "custom build," flexibility may be required when buying a home!

Finding the perfect house or condo happens – occasionally.  But, most of the time, unless it is a custom built property, there will be some give and take required.

This is exactly why it is important for a buyer to understand their needs before looking for a home to purchase.  I wrote about it three years ago this month.  I put it this way…
  1. Must haves:  Some things a house must have - can't live without. Know these up front! 
  2. Can't haves:  Just like you must have certain things, there are things you just do not want. Know what these are from the start! 
  3. Nice to have:  Sometimes an extra just happens to show up in a house you find...what a nice find! Identify all these parameters up front.
Buying a home can be exciting, frustrating, challenging, and a host of other emotions. 

Key point:  When ready to purchase a home first obtain a mortgage pre-approval and then figure out what you must have and go from there!

When you are ready to buy that Brevard County, Florida home or condo, call me directly at 321-693-3850 or email me. I would welcome a chance to be your Brevard County, Florida Realtor® of Choice!

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