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Monday, July 18, 2011

Brevard County, Florida Real Estate Markets: Buyers and sellers want a real estate agent who is somewhat “tech savvy.”

I went on a listing interview last week and the prospective seller summed up what today’s real estate customer is looking for in their real estate agent.

To paraphrase, she said "I want someone who is tech savvy." 
“Tech savvy” means different things to folks. To some it may bring to mind the stereotypical “geek” or “nerd” but that is not its usual connotation in 2011.

A tech savvy agent is one who understands the power of the Internet including blogging, the use of QR codes, the power of email and automated searches, the power of smart phones. 

There is a perception among many that being a real estate agent is easy money.   The truth is quite different.

Successfully marketing (selling) a home is work and it involves a lot of "techy stuff" too!

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