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Friday, July 22, 2011

Choosing Your Brevard County Florida Community: The Amenities and Services Must Count for Something.

Brevard County, Florida offers residents all sorts of options from the rural, country living in parts of north Brevard to the riverfront and ocean side communities of the beaches and Merritt Island to the meticulously landscaped communities of Viera and Suntree to.... let's just say there is something for everyones' taste!

Although the amenities (or lack thereof) vary by community, one thing holds true for all - there is a cost for these amenities and services.

When a buyer considers these communities they need to be aware of the cost (as in association fees) for these services and how it impacts price.

It may not be an apples to apples comparison but there should be weight given to the amenities.

What does it cost for lawn service?  What does a fitness club membership cost?  What about the value of a community dock?  Or the value of a general use/clubhouse facility for private gatherings and parties?  Or in 55+ communities, like the Indian River Colony Club, the cost or value of a members' owned golf course where there is ongoing additional fee?  Or to have a gate guard staffing the development entry 24-7?

Key point:  The cost of amenities are a consideration when buying as well as the cost of maintaining these amenities in the future.

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