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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home Seller Tips: Do Homebuyer Incentives Work?

Need a sure fire way to sell your house?  Offer the right incentive.

What is the right incentive? 

First, here are a couple of incentives I say avoid.
  1. Considering throwing in the washer and dryer?  Fine, include it in the listing but don't expect it to seal the deal on a $200,000 house if the house is not priced correctly.
  2. What about offering a bonus to the buyer’s agent?  Why? If you are already offering a reasonable commission (seller pays real estate agents), why throw in more money.  How would you like it if you were the buyer and your real estate agent “steered” and “promoted” a property because he got an extra thousand?  Real estate agents owe loyalty to their client and should never use this as a motivator anyway. 
A couple of incentives to consider if you must offer incentives include an allowance for an outdated kitchen or appliances, bad (highly personalized) paint (you chose it) or for worn flooring.  Of course, ideally these things should be addressed in preparing the house for the market.

In a buyer’s market incentives inevitably become part of the bargaining tools used by buyers and their agents.  There is absolutely no reason to offer these things up early as they will ask for them sooner or later, I assure you!

So do incentives work?   In the end there will be times where leaving some pool equipment, or a TV or something will seal the deal if the buyer's offer is reasonable.

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