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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home Selling Advice in Viera Florida

This is the best advice I can give anyone hoping to sell their Viera Florida home… 

It is a business deal and should be just the facts with no emotion.

Now that would be in an ideal world!

What is this “just the facts?”
  • Have a home inspection done prior to listing and make it available for all to see.  Address all issues by either repair or discounting list price.  This is a buyer’s market so letting issues slide is not the approach I recommend. 
  • When selling your home remember the safest path is “disclose, disclose, disclose.”  Anything that possibly effects the material value of the home, tell them.  Fixed that roof leak already, tell them.  An apartment complex going to be built behind the house where the current wooded view exists, tell them.  Honesty is the best policy - in life and real estate!
  • The greatest challenge to selling your home is the “with no emotion” part of the formula.  Your house is your home.  It is the place you have created so many of your memories.  It is the place where you have poured your heart into making it a home – more than four walls.  But your memories go with you when you leave, wherever you may go!

Another major part of the emotional side of selling is your price.  The market really sets the price.  Your home is only worth what one is willing to pay.  In Brevard County, Florida and elsewhere,

"Overpriced sellers are a dime a dozen.
 Qualified buyers are rare."

When you are ready to sell your Viera Florida Home, call me directly at 321-693-3850 or email me to discuss how I can work for you!

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