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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sellers Tip: Expect a few tire kickers along the way to closing!

Real estate agents work hard if they are successful to any reasonable degree.  And success, when working on a commission basis, is achieved by closed transactions.

Selling a home is not an inexpensive process.

And sellers expect real estate agents who are showing their homes to be working with serious prospects - not tire kickers. (Tire kicker is a term of endearment for those who show up on a car lot and test drive but never buy!)

For the above reasons it should not be rude of me to ask buyers who call on me if they are…
  • ready to buy.
  • pre-qualified for a mortgage. 
  • seriously considering making a purchase.
When you call on a real estate agent, expect (and do not be offended) to get a question of two in order to determine your motivation.  If one is just curious and wants to see houses, I suggest visiting open houses in your area of curiosity.

If you are selling your home, real estate agents should be screening their clients before showing your house but don't be surprised if you see a few tire kickers along the way to closing! 

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