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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Seller’s Tip: In this real estate market “giving credits” just will not do…

Amazing how many real estate listings I see with narrative comments to the effect “seller will give $2500 credit toward replacing carpet (or painting).” 

If a seller is really trying to sell their house or condo, they will skip the giving and rather get to doingbefore they place it on the market.

The market in Brevard County, Florida is a buyer’s market.  That means one thing – sellers are plentiful while buyers are rare.

Don’t expect to compete with newly painted, recently carpeted homes by offering a credit!

And if you are intent on selling without replacing carpet or painting, then serious consideration should be given to pricing appropriately - even discounting a bit to compete!

And when you are ready to sell your Viera Florida home, call me for a no obligation market analysis. If you prefer, email me!

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