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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Selling Your Brevard County, Florida Home: Two Strikes Against You on Day One…

You have decided to sell your Rockledge or Viera, Florida home in a buyer’s market.  Just the timing of your decision makes me believe you are a motivated seller.  Why else wade into the shallow water (lower selling prices).

While reviewing listings in today’s MLS Hot Sheet I noticed your listing.   And two things stick out to me.  In other words, two obstacles a buyer must overcome to make a successful offer.
  1. No interior photos.  Buyers like to have a glimpse of the inside of a house before deciding whether to commit to a viewing.  Sometimes, especially with out of town buyer prospects with limited time, their real estate agent may even want to preview the property before the buyer prospects arrive.
  2. 24 hour notice required.  Easy accommodation of buyers is a necessity.   The definition of a buyer’s market is many more properties for sale with fewer buyers.  If your house in difficult to see buyers will easily move on.  A two hour notice requirement is reasonable as well as identifying the days home is not available such as Sunday mornings, etc.
Selling your Brevard County, Florida home requires appropriate pricing, professional promotion, and accommodation of prospective buyers.

In a buyer’s market it is easy to strike out! 

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