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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Should a seller be present when their home is being viewed? Seller…Take a hike–if you can!

It is entirely up to you, but if you ask me, your Realtor®, and I will tell you… make yourself scarce when prospective buyers are viewing your home - even if only to take Fido for a walk!

While showing homes I have "experienced" some sellers who apparently felt the incessant need to "make the sale" themselves.  The bottom line is a house will sell itself.   By the a seller the only real estate agent you should be sharing information with is your own!

Pricing and promotion got the buyer’s attention so now let the house seal the deal!

With that said let me acknowledge a reality.  Leaving can be a challenge at times.  It may be because the seller works from home.  It may be the children are small and not easily “packed up.”

In those cases, make yourself scarce, invisible.  Observe the "no talking to the buyers” rule.  OK, it is not a law or nothing but just good business practice for sellers.

Another pet peeve – seller's agent must be present for all showings.  More on that later.....

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