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Friday, July 01, 2011

Which Mortgage Lender Should You Use in Brevard County, Florida?

Most home buyers in Brevard County, Florida obtain mortgages on home purchases.  So far the June 2011 residential sales in Brevard County has seen about 48% of the buyers paying cash.

Obtaining mortgage pre-approval is the key initial process when preparing to buy a home.

And the choice (and competition) among mortgage lenders is high.

So who would I, as a real estate agent selling homes in Brevard County, Florida recommend?

I do not care which lender my buyers use as long as the lender
  • offers a quality product (rate, term), 
  • at a competitive price (not all lenders charge same application, appraisal, credit search fees), and 
  • can close the transaction within the contracted time frame.  
Unfortunately there are not a lot who fit that description.   So, as a home buyer, ask questions.  Get quotes with written estimates.  Know who you will be dealing with and how easily they can be reached when the need arises. 

A few articles and links that may help you select a mortgage lender:
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