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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Buyers must show sincerity - Even in a buyer’s market.

Sure there are fewer buyers in Brevard County, Florida these days.  And although sellers face intense competition they are not falling all over themselves in a mass dash to get just any buyer while concurrently disregarding common sense.

It is a given - in a buyer's market a buyer has the upper hand from a negotiation position.   By
the way, "Take it or leave it" is not really a negotiation strategy.

But, even in a buyer's market, I believe any legitimate offer should include:
  • reasonable, "let's negotiate" price, 
  • deposit/escrow check with amount that shows buyer is serious, **
  • Mortgage Pre-approval letter - in other words qualified not hopeful (buyers financial statement/proof of funds if a cash offer)
**There are times when a copy of the check is acceptable until the offer is accepted.  At that time the deposit check must be delivered for deposit with escrow agent.
First time home buyers (as well as those retiring or re-locating to Florida) often have lots of questions regarding the home buying process in Brevard County, Florida.   If you have questions, please call or email them to me.

Buying and selling a home can be stressful for all parties.  If I can assist in any way, let me know.

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