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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Home Inspections: I am not a doctor but I know the symptoms of a heart attack!

As a real estate agent I know my limitations when it comes to evaluating properties.  That is exactly the reason why I always recommend a professional home inspection.

Still, I know some of the warning signs of a potentially bad property.

What are some of the warning signs?

How about things like exposed wiring or wiring connections with tape, stains on the ceiling, cracks along the side of the house, or an electrical panel made by Federal Pacific Electric?   What about obvious add-ons and do it yourself jobs that look a bit questionable?   There are plenty of red flags buyers (and their agents) need to pay attention to when viewing properties.

Here are a few links to good information on home inspections and how they can impact buyers and sellers.
Sometimes the excitement of finding the perfect house can blind a potential buyer to some of these red flags.   It is at this point, once you have a signed contract, it is imperative you hire a home inspector.

Not all hazards or potential dangers have a sign posted!

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