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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is there such a thing as being too truthful? Not if your are selling your house!

As a seller you can never be guilty of hiding anything if you disclose and document!

Florida real estate agents provide their seller clients with a Seller's Real Property Disclosure Form which will ask a lot of questions about their house.   This is the place to document their disclosure. 

The Seller's Real Property Disclosure Form will be reviewed and signed by prospective buyers as part of the contract offer process.  Buyers should not submit an offer on any property until they have reviewed this disclosure.

When asked by sellers if they should put something down they think is minor I like to put them in the position of the buyer.  If they were buying their home would they like to know the information?  Most often they say yes.
It should be noted as well that the seller's real estate agent does not complete the disclosure form.

I also like to point out a simple but critical thing about the real estate transaction - it is stressful enough on all parties so open and honest communication is key. 

The bottom line is buyers can respond like a cornered animal if they discover something was left out of the disclosure!   Don't alienate your buyer or break the trust! 

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