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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Real Estate Advice: Why won't my real estate agent answer all my questions?

Buyers and sellers place a great deal of trust in their real estate agent.   Sometimes buyers and sellers present questions and the agent's response sounds like they are dodging the issue.

There are some areas where your real estate agents' advice should never be ignored including the times they don't answer your question such as little things like...
  • Get an inspection done.  
  • Get your inspector to return for a re-inspection of repairs made by the seller.  
  • Get estimates for major repairs from the appropriate service provider ( roofer for roof repair, AC/Heat expert for AC issues, etc.) 
  • Get a survey done and title insurance - even on a cash transaction
  • Consult an attorney, CPA/tax specialist for legal and tax questions.
  • Obtain insurance estimates from a local insurance agent.
  • Read the association rules and bylaws and consult an attorney for issues/questions.
  • Research association financial position.
These are only a few of the many areas where buyers or sellers should rely on expert.

Real estate agent are experts but like, most experts, they also know their limitations and scope of practice.  That is why they tell you to consult an attorney, etc!

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