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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Choosing Your Real Estate Agent: The Best Real Estate Agents Communicate Like Children

Kids are fun because they have not yet been tainted by the "real" world.   Young children have not learned to hide their motivation or desires.

Young children tell it like it really is…

Buyers and sellers are served best when they have a real estate agent who can tell it like it is, without a lot sugar coating, but with understanding.   

Many times the seller does not choose the time to sell but rather their circumstances make the choice for them.   And if the circumstances dictate selling in this market the selling price may not be as high as they would like (rarely is).

Perhaps a short sale is needed because of a personal or financial hardship that has arisen.  Perhaps it is a divorce or other family situation.

It is in these challenging times a seller needs to receive advice they can rely upon to make these tough choices.

On the other hand most often buyers can choose when, or if, to purchase a house or condo.  In a buyer’s market such as we have today it is the buyer’s who can win if they so choose.   In some cases buyers do become sellers to take advantage of the market.   Sure they may get less for their old house but they see how much more they can buy now.  Besides, real estate is cyclical and it will go up in value one day.

The lack of new construction now will likely create greater demand later as builders try to play catch up.

If you are considering buying selling in Brevard County, Florida, contact me to find out how I can help you!

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