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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Do It Yourself Home Repairs: Because you can doesn't mean you should.

HGTV is an interesting network.  It has some very informative programming as well as some that can cause headaches!  I am not making some medical diagnosis here. 
I just read an article that included some words of wisdom homeowners should consider before attempting one of those "easy do it yourself projects".
Just because you CAN do it yourself doesn’t mean that you SHOULD.* *borrowed from Richard Weisser Realtor®
My opinion is these programs are meant to be entertaining primarily and educational secondly

Know thy limitations…for one day when you sell everyone else will as well!   Reminds me of one of my recent sales - the inspection was overall acceptable except for everything the seller touched!

How many of us, after viewing some guy swimming with sharks, runs over to the beach looking for a sharks to play with?

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