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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Home Buyer Tips: The Final Step Before Closing on Your New Home

I have never had it happen.  What is "it?"   "It" is having a seller remove items like appliances, ceiling fans, lights or whatever just before closing.

I have heard (but never seen) of sellers sabotaging a home they were selling as a short sale as an expression of anger toward the situation.   Still, I am doubtful in a short sale a seller would damage the property as they should want to get as much as possible for the property.  [The lender may hold them responsible for the difference.]

I have seen plenty of foreclosures where the opposite is true.  Most buyers expect a foreclosure to have suffered some type of neglect, deferred maintenance or vandalism.

A final walk through is not an option but rather a mandatory step in the home buying process.   If repairs were made by the seller these should be inspected before closing with paid receipts furnished.

Occasionally sellers have a special attachment to a chandelier or light fixture and plan to take them when they sell.   To prevent any misunderstanding later I like to recommend the fixture or ceiling fan be removed  before the house is placed on the market.

The selling process is stressful to all so anything that can be done to alleviate a potential problem is a good thing!

As a buyer, your final step on the way to the closing table must be a walk through inspection of your new house or condo. 

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