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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home Inspections – Between the Buyer and the Inspector

I am not much of a handyman much less a home inspector.   I am not qualified to render an opinion about a home's condition.

So, I always recommend a home inspection be done as part of the home buying process - even on a foreclosure being sold "as is."

I never interpret the property inspection report. (That is not to say I will not comment when a report contains a potentially major issue.)

An inspection and its report are between the buyer and the inspector. 

Any clarification issues should be addressed to the inspector.   Inspectors are neutral third parties who should only have one purpose -  to report the facts.

Buyers must keep in mind, regardless of outcome, an inspection report is only an assessment a property’s condition at one specific point in time.

Based on the buyer's response to the report, real estate agents take the action as directed by the client.  This action may be
  • request repairs be made, 
  • reduction in the contract price,
  • a combination of the first two, or
  • just cancel the contract.  The contract should always have an inspection contingency - even "as is" offers.
A quick word to sellers regarding inspections.... 
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