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Monday, September 19, 2011

If your home has not been updated, do not expect to get an updated price. (Is “Un-updated” the same as "Outdated?")

I read an article this morning from a real estate lamenting the many original owner properties she had seen through the years.  She questioned the usefulness of the phrase “original owner” as a marketing tool (selling point).

My experience has been that by the time a house has been through a couple of owners or has been  lived in for a decade or more someone has done something to the home.  This is applicable regardless if original occupant or not.

And what has been done may or may not be good!   I can't recall how many times the home inspection results were fine except for what an overzealous home owner had attempted!

Given a choice between an outdated or non-professionally updated, from my experience I would opt for the original.   [And for all the English teachers out there.... I know “outdated” is the appropriate word and "un-updated" as used in the title is not really a word but it seemed to fit!]

As a seller, if your home has not been updated, do not expect to get an updated price.  Check out this article for which improvements are the most cost effective in 2011.

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